AP French C;lass Online

I am desperately looking for an online AP FRENCH COURSE. My school offers the class but it’s conflicts with my Pre calc A class. I am a linguistics major so this is a very tough choice to make ! My principal suggested I take the AP French course online and then take the exam. I got an A in Pre AP so I think I should be ok
I would like a legitimate and credited program that colleges would deem acceptable

Did you find an online AP course? We just found out yesterday that my daughter is in the same situation.

You can check out UC Scout.

DD is taking French 2 online with them, and she’s pleased with the program.

How did your DD prepare for the midterm and the final? My ds is taking french through UC Scout now and isn’t sure how to best prepare for the midterm and final

Midterms and finals consist of multiple choice and , depending on the class level, written response to a prompt. Study the previous tests for the multiple choice section. Familiarizing with vocabulary and grammar would help with the free response.