AP French course and exam 2018-2019

Does anyone who has taken the AP French exam (non natives) have any advice for how to study throughout the year for it? I would really like to get a 5 to receive language credit in college but the only people I know who’s taken it and successfully gotten a 5 were native speakers. Please help!

I know someone who got a 5 on AP Spanish without being a native speaker. However, she was very strong in the language and had studied abroad in a Spanish speaking high school in a Spanish speaking country.

I think that you need a lot of exposure to the language. Watch TV and movies in French. Find opportunities to speak French with other students who are good in French. If you know any adults who are fluent in French see if you can spend an hour every week just talking to them.

If you had asked me at the beginning of the summer I would have suggested signing up for a French immersion program. You might want to see if there is time to do a short immersion program over New Year’s break or at some other time before you take the AP French class.

The BBC has a good French tutorial series on line which you might want to watch. If you can afford to get a tutor that might help also.

I think that the key is to use your French as much as you can prior to taking the exam.

Thank you so much! I have been watching a French movie every week, and do my best to only communicate in French with my teacher and classmates. I will look into the BBC tutorials, thank you so much for your advice!