AP French "Projected Score" from CB

<p>A student I am working with received a notice from College Board that she will be getting a "projected score" on her French Lang exam. What I've been told is that there were parts of her CD that couldn't be scored. I'm not sure whther this has to do with the problems that have already been documented during the French AP exam because of the timing issues, or if she had a recording problem in addition to that. It sounds like she will never get a "final" score on the exam.</p>

<p>Has anyone else gotten this notification? Is there ever any kind of satisfactory resolution? Do colleges take testing glitches like these with a grain of salt?</p>

<p>She is quite concerned, as she wants to major a double major with French, and this could mess with placement at schools that use AP vs. a departmental exam. She also wanted that 5 for her college apps. (She earned a 7 on French SL and is taking French A2 second semester senior year for fun -- due to scheduling conflicts, she can't get A2 first semester, therefore can't take HL. So yes, a 5 on the AP is a reasonable projection for her.) </p>

<p>I'm thinking that she should include the letter from CB and a brief note in the Additional Info section of her applications.</p>

<p><bump> Anybody else ever have a “projected” score from CB in a AP world language exam?</bump></p>