<p>Okay, for my school these are both half year courses. Is that normal? </p>

<p>ALso, what's the best book for both of these classes?</p>

<p>It's pretty normal. I know a bunch of kids who took that schedule. </p>

<p>I don't know what the best book for govt is, but I personally used Princeton Review and thought the exam was pretty easy. I think Barron's is best for Macro, but I also know of a lot of people who used both Barron's and Princeton Review.</p>

<p>I also used princeton for gov, and felt the same. Can't say for macro.</p>

<p>I really really really recommend Crash Course and PR for US Gov. Crash Course is the best for the MC.</p>

<p>I think PR is good for Macro.</p>

<p>I took Micro/Gov as semester courses. The Gov half was more like 3 months. I'd say PR for either of them is fine.</p>