AP GOV- Campiagn Finance Question

<p>Ok..according to the McCain-Feingold Bill soft money is illegal...right? So is soft money at this moment illegal?...because non of my textbook say, they talk about the bill, but also aboust soft money as if its legal/</p>

<p>its illegal to those affiliated with unions and stuff. It is illegal, but there are some loopholes. Basically it is illegal, but legal only if you use the soft money for promoting voter registration. You cannot use it on campaigns that condone the candidates/parties. A rich dude could donate money to democratic party who use it for campaign. They cannot make flyers saying john smith is an idiot, dont vote for him, vote for nick smiggly cuz he is cool. They can only say ""John Smith is an honest man who stands up for the people. Nick Smiggly is a chronic liar who's taken money from special interests and advocated cutting Social Security. Call Nick smiggly and tell him how you feel about this."</p>

<p>Isnt 'soft money' basically general campaign promoting services like
'vote democrat,' 'get out and vote,' etc?</p>