AP Gov for NYU?

<p>So, I'm in the process of choosing classes for senior year at the moment. I plan on applying EDI in journalism. I am currently taking two APs right now in junior year, AP English III and AP US History. </p>

<p>Next year, this is the list of planned AP classes I am going to take for sure:
AP English IV
AP Enviromental Science
AP Pyschology</p>

<p>My question is: Should I take AP Government? </p>

<p>After hearing from the AP Gov teacher what class is really like, I admit I feel a little intimidated by the curriculum. Additionally, I don't really find interest in government or politicts but I feel like I need at least six APs just to show NYU I am ready for college. </p>

<p>There aren't any other APs I am even remotely interested in (AP Physics, Economy and Computer Science is total opposite of me). I was thinking that with only three APs to do senior year, I could concentrate more on being the editor of my online magazine, my blog, writing for other online publications and possibly some more volunteering. </p>

<p>So, should I just take the regular Government class or take AP Gov? Any opinions and advice welcome! =)</p>

<p>At least where I go to school, everyone takes AP Gov as sophomores. The curriculum is fairly easy and mostly common sense. Not to mention, you’ll already have received your decision from NYU by the time you take the AP exam, so what really matters is how rigorous your schedule is Senior year, as opposed to your ability to pass the AP exam. At least in my experience, its a relatively easy course.</p>

<p>Um, not having 6 APs is not going to get you denied from NYU. No idea where you’re getting that idea from.</p>

<p>I was accepted EDI for CAS Journalism this year and I’ve taken 5 AP classes. I took AP Gov last year and it wasn’t that hard although that may have been because my teacher was relatively easygoing.</p>

<p>@oldknave thanks! :slight_smile: i didn’t even think about the fact that i will know by then if i got accepted or not. i’ll probably end up taking it! </p>

<p>@cjh031 There’s more and more competitive students every year that apply so natrually, one would want to stand out. Of course the rigor of your classes is only a part of the consideration, but it’s always good to just have a nice amount of classes to back you up. Congrats on the acceptance! My teacher isn’t very easygoing unfortunately!</p>

<p>Hey no problem. It definitely can’t hurt you in any way to take it, but if you don’t, it certainly wouldn’t be a deal breaker. Plenty of students take a lot less than 5 APs to begin with.</p>