AP Grades

<p>Because AP is optional per school and it varies, how does Princeton look at AP grades?</p>

<p>Does it hurt chances to make an A all through them, and receive less than a 4 and 5 on the AP tests?</p>

<p>are you a senior? if so it doesnt matter, but if you don't think that you'll get a 4 or 5 then its kinda pointless to take them. If youre not a senior, then you can take them and decide whether or not to send them. Mostly, if you get straight As but only like 2s or 3s on the ap test, then that shows the strength of your highschool. That may or may not hurt you, depending where in the high school class you fall</p>

<p>i am a junior.</p>

<p>well, the classes are *****ing hard... but... I just think I suck at CB tests. there are kids who get 5s... I just don't think I have what it takes. not sure, I am mainly worried about ap spanish... possible a 2/3, but I'm carrying an A. and I've studied for 5 hours just to become fluent in certain material in that class.</p>

<p>My fear is that Princeton will not understand why the score doesn't justify the grade.</p>

<p>Every highly selective school asks for AP tests scores. Obviously they use it as one of many assessments of the applicants. Grades vary from school to school but APs are a constant. The least APs to worry about are foreign language ones as there are many sand baggers (native speakers) who get 5s. Therefore, the foreign language APs are tempered by how 'foreign' the language was. Hang in, do your best. You obviously are a good student and no one test will get you in or out.</p>

<p>I'd work really hard to get a 4 or 5 on a language test especially, it gets you out of the language requirement. That way, if you want to take a language, great, but you dont have to if you dont want to. It just provides a lot more flexibility</p>

<p>if im lucky, i think i could pull a 4. i think i can do well on the essay, pictures, and other oral things.</p>

<p>i am just sorry worry about denting my ap grade yep with ap spanish. i wouldn't be worried about taking a language, as i never really learned anything except what i did myself with spanish...</p>

<p>if you do well on the essays and the orals, youll do really well on the test. I got a 5 last year, and I dont think I understood one of the readings and I know that I messed up the grammar section. And its not about not wanting to take a language, its jsut have some flexibility is nice, especially if you are on a science track or looking to take HUM or integrated sciences, or if you have writing seminar and want to take a freshman seminar at the same time. With only 4 classes the fall of your freshman year, its nice not to HAVE to take a language (plus languages at Princeton under i think a 200 level--where youd place into with a 4 or 5-- are 5 days a week, and usually at 9am--no fun)</p>

<p>oh man... are you serious?</p>

<p>i understand spanish... like I can spot a few errors, but I am really crappy because I am not fluent.</p>

<p>I hope you are right, ec1234... because I plan to just work the entire test when it gets to the orals, essay, and pictures...</p>

<p>i heard that for the questions, as long as you talk about something that is gramatically correct, you are fine.,.. cause they listen to the first few seconds and go to the next one...</p>

<p>APs are always evaluated in the context of your school...if your school offers only 3 APs but you've taken them all, it won't hurt you. On the other hand, if your school offers 20 but you only take 3, it won't look good.</p>

<p>About language APs, I don't think they are as hard as they look. I know the oral part is very intimidating. I took the test last year, and came out feeling pretty bad about it but then I ended up earning a 5 (I took Spanish Language). Then again, it depends on the curve from year to year...</p>


<p>out of the 13 offered at my school, i will have taken 10 of them. i wish i could take more, but i can't take ap euro, ap psyciology, or ap statistics due to schedule constraints.</p>

<p>They curve AP tests??!?</p>

<p>Do they ever curve the Calc BC test?</p>