AP History.......?

<p>What is the difference between difficult in class and on the AP exam between AP US, World and Europen history. Have you taken all three?</p>

<p>easiest to hardest:
i have only taken world so far, but this is what i have heard from most people.</p>

<p>I took World and US. The US class was much harder, because the teacher liked to assign us chapter outlines on each chapter, but I felt well prepared for the AP and got a 5. The World class was pretty much a joke, I didn't feel at all prepared for the AP, and I got a 5. I guess that makes World easier, at least from a curved grade perspective.</p>

<p>I think European History is much more difficult than US History. Although the material isn't as thorough as US History's, there are just so many different countries' history to learn. Just the time frame of the European History material is significantly longer than the US History's. On top of that, it's a little difficult to sort through all the information. The joke we had in class was that practically all the monarchs are either called Frederick, Ferdinand, or Louis.
On the other hand, I believe the curve for the European History is much more generous than the curve for US History.</p>

<p>I took AP US and the class load was pretty heavy (like some above poster said, we had to outline chapters every night.. being very thorough). I've also heard from other people that AP World is a joke, and that Euro is somewhere inbetween the two. Topboy's comments are probably true, though..</p>

<p>Thank you very much. I enrolled in AP US, and I didn't think it was that hard in the courseload, though, our average test scores where in the 60% with a nice curve. Our teacher was constantly missing school, because she was sick; thus, most of the work depended on the student to do well on the exam. I managed to pass the class with an A by doing 20 points poster extra credit that I was luckily chosen from a draw of names. :)</p>

<p>Here is my senior schedule:
AP Physics B
German 4 (will take AP exam)
AP Calculus AB (will be taking BC exam)
AP Statistics
AP Lit. and Comp.
AP Lan. and Comp.
AP Chemistry</p>

<p>This is a overload already, but I have nothing else to do besides piano/keyboard, research, and play soccer for recreation. Would AP World History be doable for self-study in my situation or would it be better for me to enroll into AP Comp. Government?</p>