AP/ Honer Classes

r u required to take ap and honer classes in high school in order to get into a good college or university?

Define “good university”?

If you want a good education but aren’t concerned about prestige, then doing well in college prep level classes is perfectly fine.

If you are applying to elite, highly ranked colleges, and your school offers honors or AP/IB, then yes. It isn’t a formal requirement, but elite colleges will expect you to challenge yourself and put forth a strong application that not only stands up as one of the best from your high school, but from among the 30,000+ applicants those schools see each year.

I would look at it as you should take the most challenging courses that YOU can do well in. Maybe that is College Prep, maybe that is Honors, maybe that is AP.
There will be a college for you no matter what level of courses you take as long as you get a decent GPA.