AP Human Geography Retake (COVID)

I took the 2020 AP Human Geography Exam and got a 3. This is a very low score for me, and it’s my first AP. My goal colleges are IVY League Schools (particularly Harvard), and I want to be a science/writing major. I also want to be eligible for the AP National Scholar Award. I have a high grade point average for the APHG class and a high GPA, but I got nervous on test day, especially since it was all FRQs this year. Will this affect my chances of getting into Harvard? Should I retake this exam?

95% of applicants will be rejected fro Harvard. A 3 will not be the reason you are rejected.

Move on. Dont retake.

AP National Scholar Award no longer exists.

“Starting with the May 2021 Exam Administration, we’ll no longer distribute National AP Scholar awards”.

A score can’t be “ very low score for me“ if it’s your very first score.

AP scores are of minimal, if any, importance in admissions. Of no importance if you don’t report/provide it. (HG even more so). There and many, many better things to do with your time than trying to re-study for minor AP test nearly a year after the class ended. Focus on preparing for next year’s AP tests next year.

May 2021 is next year. This year us the last for AP awards. But yeah, they’re pretty meaningless.

But would this be a make or break deal at Ivy League or top-tier colleges?

Hell to the no

Is there any way to send my scores in for rescoring even though I got a 3? My teacher agrees with me in that I should have gotten a 4… can use this to help my case?

No. Well you can send them, but the CB will autoreject. They will only entertain re grade requests for a 1 or 2.

Yes, May 2021 is next year. That’s the next time the AP exams are offered. National Scholar awards will not be given for that test. The very last opportunity to earn a National Scholar award is in the past. Thus, it no longer exists.

What do you need to do to retake AP Human Geography test- sophomore year if you dont pass it freshman year?

Sign up for the exam and pay the fee.

But the better option is to just move on.

You’re way off base if you think APHG is a make or break. Not the sort of thinking a H is looking for. They’ll want far more energy and activation than fussing over the baby class of APs.

Of course, AP scores matter. They’re data points. But you have miles to go and, it seems, much to learn about what it truly takes. Take that on as your challenge. Don’t waste time.