AP Human Geography without a class

I had been planning on taking both Spanish APs, but I’ve been advised Spanish Lit isn’t for the faint of heart. I was thinking of replacing it (senior year, currently sophomore), with Human Geography. But my school doesn’t have a class with that name. Is it feasible/advisable to take the test with a class preparing you?

Personally, I think APHG may be one of the more interesting and relevant classes offered in high school, so I can understand why you would want to study this even if your school didn’t offer it.

But I am less sure why you would self study for the exam. This is considered one of the easier AP exams and you will be taking it senior year, so if won’t help with college admissions. You would have to see if the colleges you are considering offer credit for it. None of the ones DS looked at did. If the ones you like do offer credit, sure, you could prep and take the exam without the class.

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I agree with the above. If you interested in the topic and want to study it as, effectively, an extracurricular activity, that’s great.

Check with any school you are interested in to see the AP credit policy. The number of schools giving credit is about 2/3 the number for “core” English, USHistory, etc. courses, per CB. And at my D’s school, it gives credit for an “Intro to Geography” course that wouldn’t have been useful for her plan of study.

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