AP/IB Credit

<p>After perusing the preregistration packet today, I was a bit disappointed to read that regardless of what score I get on the AP Chemistry exam, because I am on the pre-med track I will still have to take General Chemistry I and the lab. Is this typical of other schools too or no? I feel as if I put in all that effort for nothing (admittedly, IF the material in Gen Chem I is the same as AP Chem, the class may be easier, but having to spend the money and the time on repeating the material is frankly a little annoying). I think I'd feel better if this were due to med school requirements and not simply a curriculum decision made by Georgetown. Does anyone know?</p>

<p>I've also tried to find out about getting credit for IB Math Higher Level, but I haven't found the information. What class (if any) can you place out of and with what score on the IB exam?</p>

<p>From the website:</p>

<p>AP</a> Credits - Pre-Medical Studies at Georgetown - Georgetown College</p>

<p>Students with a 5 on the AP test can get credit for General Chemistry lecture but must still enroll in the lab. They have the option of forfeiting the AP credit and enrolling in the lecture and lab. Keeping the AP credit is less of an issue for Chemistry or Biochemistry majors since you will be taking advanced chemistry classes. For non-science majors, we strongly recommend you forfeit the credit and take the lecture and lab.</p>

<p>I looked through that site earlier today, but the preregistration packet they send you is more detailed and it said that for pre-med students, regardless of major, you must take General Chem I lecture and lab. :( I've talked to some people at other schools though and it seems that they are in a similar situation, so I feel a little better now! Thanks for the link!</p>