AP Independent Study --When to start?

<p>My school only offers one AP class and that's AP Biology. It can only be taken in Senior Year, and I'm a rising Junior that has taken no APs. I want to do some independent study and take the exams by myself. Since I'll be taking Chemistry, English Literature, and US History (Honors Level) and then plan on getting AP study guides, would it be manageable for me to take the AP exams in these subjects? If so, when should I start studying? </p>

<p>And some side questions: Will colleges even care about that? And am I really at a disadvantage because my school only offers one AP class?</p>

<p>I think you should get study guides now and start reviewing the material as your class goes on. If you do have a great teacher, then you should be able to ace your AP exams. </p>

<p>I think one thing that you definitely need to do is to see how much overlap there is between the AP exam for each subject and your school's classes. That way you'll know how much studying needs to be done.</p>

<p>Start your review by January and read your prep book every day (yes it helps!)</p>

<p>You may be at a disadvantage because your school only offers one AP class. However, as I can see, you're making use of the classes that your school has and taking the AP exam for that subject, thus really using the resources that your school offers and going even further!</p>

<p>Yes, colleges do care.</p>

<p>I started 6 weeks before ap exams to study for ap psych. not the best of ideas especially since i was taking 3 other aps but i think i got a 5 on it. depends how much you really want to buckle down... i was doing 1.5 chapters a night with 20 flashcards.</p>

<p>I think you'll be fine on U.S. history if you start on it now, but chemistry (unless you have a good chemistry class) might be a little difficult</p>