AP Language Exam Tips


My name is Zainab. I am a junior and I’m going to take the Lang exam in 3 days. I want to know how I can prepare.

My actual teacher was on maternity leave at the beginning of the year. She was supposed to come back in November but she resigned. I ended up being taught by a long-term sub who has no experience with AP curriculum whatsoever. She was a middle school teacher. She’s really nice and helpful. However, I am concerned about her grading. I feel like she grades too easy. On the essays, I’ve received no score lower than a 6. One time, I ran out of time to finish my qualifying paragraph in an argument essay but she still gave me a 6. I thought I would get a 3 or 4.

My other concern is time management. I run out of time on the multiple choice and the essay section. It’s so frustrating because English is not even my best subject. I really want to pass the AP exam so that I don’t have to take English in college.

Please give me some tips for the exam. I don’t have a prep book for the exam but I do have rhetorical devices lists and notes from class on how to write all three essays.

Get plenty of sleep this week. Good luck!