AP Lit and comp!!!!

<p>I was just recently recommended for AP lit and comp. THe thing is, I am already doing two AP next year and I do not really want to be overwhelmed my senior year. Anyone in this class that likes it or could explain it furthermore? My teacher told me if I do not take an AP english I should do British lit...</p>

<p>If you're good at English, you should take it. However, I hear that the AP test is a bit hard. It all depends on what you can tolerate.</p>

<p>It creeps me out to think that this person may have graduated college by now.</p>

<p>Thread resurrection!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Yes...muahaha. No one helped this person so I figured I could be of assistance.</p>

<p>Probably wasn't up for the challenge. x]</p>

<p>this person may never see this.</p>

<p>How did you find such an old thread?</p>