AP Lit Multiple Choice only 40% correct?

I have done four AP Lit MC exams and have gotten all around 40% correct. I am incredibly frustrated, and even when I don’t set a time limit for myself (spend as much time as needed analyzing the questions), I still get 40%. I don’t understand any of the passages and half of the questions make no sense. I normally love reading and writing, but AP Lit is just discouraging.

Do you have any tips on getting at least above 50% on the MC section? I am spending 90 minutes on one whole section, which is 30 minutes more than allotted time, and I still cannot get a higher mark.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should do?

Are you taking the AP class? Assuming that you are, this is a class and test where it would be almost impossible to study on your own. You need to do all the analysis for tons and tons of writings and get the third party feedback ie the teacher. You have 6 months before the test, not sure why you would be taking the practice now.

Yes I am self studying this exam. I think it would still be possible for me. Do you have any idea on what analysis for what readings I should do?

Gosh, the reading list that my kid had last year was so extensive - from Shakespeare to Dickens to Hemingway. Someone else could help you better with this.

I teach AP Lit test prep and I’ve never seen a student go from 40% MCQ to a 5 on the exam. Sorry not to offer a cheerier response.