AP Lit

<p>Does anyone have any suggestions in regards to review books or just general preparation tips? I will be taking the class next year, and while I've seen numerous threads for AP Lang, Lit doesn't seem to be as popular...</p>

<p>That's because most schools offer Literature senior year...mine didn't xD
Er, I didn't prepare a whole lot for this outside of class...Of course I'm not really that type :P Our teacher a few months before the exam gave us a Barron's, which was handy. Like, you should be doing enough review in class. Personally, what I looked at right before the test was how to open/close essays (the content itself is pretty easy) and my literary terms (for MC). I also did tons of practice MC before the test, since that's what I felt the least-prepared for.
I didn't do this next tip, but I definitely suggest it: Read a lot of classic literature outside of class. The third essay is a "choice" essay where they give you a vague topic (like..isolation as a theme) and ask you to choose a book from a list of about two dozen to write about, but you can also write on one of equal merit. Anyway, a good portion of the books on there you'll have read in SOME English class, but it never hurts to expand your library!</p>