**AP Literature Official post-test**

<p>So, without defying the almighty CB's no-MC discussion, what did you guys think?</p>

<p>Slightly easier than I thought, but I think I completely wrecked the third essay.</p>

<p>Hamlet. Never fails.</p>

<p>The last MC passage was awful for me. Everyone I talked to said they had to read it multiple times and still hated it because of the way it was formatted. I didn't really like the two poems for the MC but the prose, especially the second to last one, was really good. I didn't really care for the first essay but thought I did okay. I totally rocked the second essay and the third one was pretty good too.</p>

<p>how many ap number stickers did you guys use on the two booklets? (not including the answer sheet) 1 or 2? i think i may have forgotten one.</p>

<p>Just one for the MC booklet</p>

<p>there was one for the MC booklet? i thought there was just one for the 3 essay booklet fml</p>

<p>I agree that the last piece of prose on mc was horrible. I felt like I aced the second and third essay... As for the first, not so much but I think I did decent</p>

<p>Hhmmm on second thought I may have used two...not entirely sure. But I definitely had one on the MC booklet.</p>

<p>I think there was only one for the frq booklet</p>

<p>I think Porcelain is right and I'm wrong because they look at the FRQ booklet and we only had initials on it so it would need a sticker to identify it. You should have used one on the answer sheet for the MC and one on the FRQ booklet.</p>

<p>Hmm... I definitely didn't ace the second essay, but maybe it's because that's the last one I wrote. I think my third essay was pretty good, though. Good ol' Hedda Gabler.</p>

<p>For the last MC passage, I read it like 3 times before I started answering the questions since I had time left over, underlining the main subjects and figuring out the sentences grammatically. It helped A LOT. But hey, as long as there's no weird 16th century poetry, I'm more than happy.</p>

<p>Old poetry is the worst. I'm glad the essay poem was pretty modern and straightforward.</p>

<p>Anyone else use Invisible Man for the third essay? I thought it matched perfectly with justice.</p>

<p>And that poem about grief was probably the toughest. The poem about the ponies was definitely easiest, along with the first prose.</p>

<p>As for that last prose, I had to read it twice to figure out what was going on but after that I got it.</p>

<p>Crime and Punishment wins life.</p>

<p>I used Inherit the Wind and at least three people I talked to used Hamlet.</p>

<p>The Stranger worked well, especially if you wanted to put a philosophical spin on it.</p>

<p>I considered Hamlet but I changed my mind last minute because it wasn't on the list and Invisible Man was. </p>

<p>My teacher said IM was the #1 most frequent book that shows up on the exam so about a week ago I bought it just to speed-read. Looks like it paid off :)</p>

<p>I used Frankenstein. I thought it flowed well. I considered Crime & Punishment and Things Fall Apart, but I just recently read Frankenstein...</p>

<p>I wrote about...The Lovely Bones. Can anyone jog my memory on what the last passage was about in MC, I'm trying to remember if I had trouble with it.</p>

<p>I used Grapes of Wrath and already regretted it by the time I'd reached my thesis. I had to warp reality to make it work properly. All three of my essays were pretty mediocre, in all honesty - the writing was good, but I definitely struggled making the thesis connections I needed to. </p>

<p>The multiple choice was easier than I expected, though. I actually found the final passage pretty easy to answer questions about, perhaps because what it voiced was very similar to my preferred writing style and personal ideology. I'm pretty sure I at least got within the 5 range for MC.</p>

<p>@Raiderade, the final passage for MC was about the powerful and the intelligent, and how neither power nor intelligence makes one happier.</p>