AP Micro/Macro economics

<p>I am studying Barron's AP economics by myself and
I am planning to take both in May. Barrons economics book
is quite thin (300pages long and includes both micro
and macro) considering in universities, only micro
economics book is 1000pages long. I am just not sure
if I will be well prepared if I just study barron's book.
Anyone who took the exam, share your experience.</p>


<p>I used Princeton Review for both and a got a 5 on Micro, 4 on Macro. Never read the giant textbook we were given.</p>

<p>You will be finel. The 1000 page textbook you're thinking of is NOT an intro textbook, it covers materials way past the AP exam. And, as most textbooks, they usually have pages and pages of useless rambling.</p>

<p>I got 5's on both micro and macro by self-studying just the Princeton Review book, which is even thinner than Barrons. I would not advise wasting your time studying the entire textbook. Just use it as a reference.</p>

<p>I myself am taking both AP Econ. tests come this May. From what I'm hearing here in this thread and Amazon reviews. The Princeton Review> Barron's?</p>

<p>In general, the Princeton Review books tend to be more concise and shorter than Barrons, which makes them better for self-study. However, if you're the type of student who would benefit from studying lots of examples, or if your high school course didn't cover some of the topics, Barrons is more comprehensive for those needs.</p>

<p>If you guys want some real textbooks to help you learn the material I suggest either: Mankiw's intro books or Marc Lieberman's intro books (his are smaller/more condensed than Mankiw's).</p>