AP Microeconomics

<p>so we were assigned 4 questions to answer and use to make a mini study guide based on the subject matter of each (to be combined into a large study guide using everyones), but this obviously wouldn't work unless you had the right answers.
our teacher told us to email her to check them but she didn't email back yet and I want to get this over with so I'd appreciate it if you guys could help me figure them out so I could continue to make my study guide.
btw these are probably very wrong, haha. </p>

<p>1) Which of the following inevitably causes a shift int he market demand for workers with a certain skill
A--An increase in the demand for goods produced by these workers
B--A decrease in tax rates on the income of these workers
C--An increase in the equilibrium wages recieved by these workers
D--An increase in the supply of these workers
E--The creation of a federally subsidized program to train new workers
My answer: A
2) If hiring an additional worker would increase a firm's total cost by less than it would increse its total revenue the firm should
A--Not hire the worker
B--Hire the worker
C--Hire the worker only if another worker leaves or is fired
D--Hire the worker only if the worker can raise the firm's productivity
E--Reduce the number of workers employed by the firm
My answer: B
3) If a firm wants to produce a given amount of output at the lowest possible cost, it should use each resource in such a manner that
A--It uses more of the less expensive resource
B--It uses more of the resource wth the highest marginal product
C--Each resource has just reached the pt of diminishing marginal returns
D--The marginal products of each resource are equal
E--The marginal products per dollar spent on each resource are equal
My answer: E but it could be D
4) In which of the following ways does the U.S. gov't currently intervene in the working of the market economy
I. It produces certain goods and services
II. It regulates the private sector to achieve a more efficient allocation of resources
III. It redistributes income through taxation and public expenditures
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. II and III only
E. I, II, and III
My answer: E</p>



<p>This is random, but Alamode we seem to have a lot in common. We're both 09ers, taking AP Microeconomics, participated in NHD, are more humanities oriented, and are interested in fashion. Do you live in NYC? I'll be interning in the fashion department at Seventeen there next summer -- I wonder if all New York girls are as intellectual and stylish, haha.</p>

<p>hahah no not in the city, but suburbs.
how the **** did you get that gig!?
the closest I got to doing something as cool as that is taking classes at FIT, but I'm still jealous. =P
1) i really want to know how you nabbed that one
2) yay for humanities, boo for microecon (my teacher sucks)
3) you'll find stylish people everywhere. you'll also find abercrombie fiends and LI chicks who stick to their juicy and VS sweats and denim minis and uggs year round. i try to think about the good and forget the horrible. =) I'm assuming where you'll be working though, you'll meet a lot of fashionable indviduals
4) where are you from?
5) NHD! are you doing it this year?
6) I forget what I was going to say here

<p>oh I remembered!
ok, 6) We will never truly have much in common unless you happen to be in love with Alex Turner as well. hehhe.</p>

<p>1) I do A LOT of freelance fashion journalism and blogging in that field -- I also interned with a fashion designer last summer and I just happened to get in contact with a Seventeen editor with an insider/friend -- took me a lot of effort and time to get there, but I believe it's completely worth it for an internship like this while I'm in high school.
2) Microeconomics is a toughie :[, I'm reading my textbook right now. Sorry, wish I could help...
3) I hoping to meet a lot of stylish and interesting people in New York!
4) California
5) I have no idea actually -- last year I did Coco Chanel and I made it to states, but if I do it this year I may have to pick a different topic. My judges didn't quite appreciate fashion in history as much as I do.
6) He's pretty cute, but I'm not a big fan of his music haha. I'm more of a Spice Girls and country music kind of girl.</p>

<p>AP micro-econ..it's been a while, but I'll confirm your answers from what I remember. Number 1 is A, Number 2 is B and Number 4 is E. Number 3 is most likely E as well, as I don't think D makes any sense. Not very sure, but overall I think all your answers are right.</p>

<p>ABEE, you are right</p>

haha, the freelance stuff sounds really cool
CA is far! where are you gonna be staying while you're in NYC? If I do FIT again maybe we could meet up or something. We get an hour or something for lunch. =) idk where 17 offices are but FIT's right by the Garden. I know the area well cause my dad works a block away, lol</p>

<p>and haha yeah I never thought those judges would appreciate fashion history. I never attempted to do it for NHD as much as I thought about it. but one of my friends got to nationals doing something about it for the theme "Communication"---focused mostly on women's liberations, flappers, Betty Friedand, etc. So I guess it could work! I think the theme needs to fit well though. I was thinking about doing something relating to fashion next year--"The Individual in History"</p>

<p>and aww. haha I'm mostly into indie/alt rock or brit pop. haha. I think he has a lot of music that could appeal to diff tastes though--most of the album songs are similar in style but if you listen to the b-sides there are a wide range both harder and softer, acoustic and even some rap in a couple =P (not by him though, lol). It's his lyrics that I like most though...some of them are just awesome. he can describe everyday feelings/situtaions so perfectly. haha. ok I'll stop now
just some eye candy: <a href="http://tinyurl.com/2wesqn%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://tinyurl.com/2wesqn&lt;/a> </p>

<p>fa-la-la-lena and 11111, thanks!</p>

<p>Alamode: I think I might stay in an NYU dorm since they provide summer housing! We should definitely meet up next summer! I actually want to take some FIT courses but I don't know how they'll fit into my schedule :[.
He is definitely good looking :].</p>

<p>yeah idk if I'm goign to be able to take classes or not either since I want to work at this art camp. but either way I'll be going to the city once in a while so that'd be fun.</p>