AP National Scholar

<p>Has anyone heard when the announcement will come out about the AP National Scholars? I thought they were coming out in October but my daughter hasn't heard anything.</p>

<p>hi. my counselor said end of november. but i live in canada and i am going to get mine 'thing' on friday at some hotel. i am not sure if that's what you are talking about? i think the list is out already. my counselor told me about it a month ago.</p>

<p>I was told the end of November for folks in the US.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info. Will the certificate go to the school or come to our house? My daughter is already at Georgetown so there won't be any ceremony for her.</p>

<p>If its like last year, the certificates will be mailed home. I havn't heard about any award ceremonies.. maybe if you're a state scholar or Siemens AP Winner. There was a thread earlier about how the certificates have been delayed because they changed their counting system - there are no such things as "half year courses" anymore for calculating AP awards.</p>

<p>That's exactly right. so it is possible that awards will be mailed home for the last two years for some kids. At least that's what I got from a telephone call with the CB.</p>

<p>Reasonabledad, what do you mean by "for the last two years"? Are they going back and changing last years AP awards?</p>