AP Online Provider

I've never tried any courses online before, but I want to b/c I'm not an efficient at self-studying. (I self-studied AP Bio last yr & had no social life at all.) I want to start to self-study these APs:
World History
I also want to self-study Psychology, but I'm guessing that Barron's will do. I feel like I'm getting a little greedy about AP credits...I'm going to take AP Chemistry next yr, so I don't want to overload. I'm not a genius, but I want to score 5s on all my AP Exams, so I'm afraid that this might be an overload.
I was also thinking of AP European History...</p>

<p>Can you recommend me some quality online providers, preferably if you've taken it online? I've heard of many, & there is a list in the AP Student Pack, but I don't know which is best (& hopefully not too expensive). I'm sorry this is so long. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.</p>

<p>FLVS, many others here can vouch for it as well. They only have Macro and Micro out of the ones you listed though.</p>

<p>I second flvs!! I've heard EPGY is good, too, but I can't really tell yuo anything abaout it.</p>

<p>I third flvs, its great.</p>

<p>North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) offers 19 AP courses online. I have no clue if you can do it if you are out-of-state, although I am sure it is not out of the realm of possibility. </p>

<p>North</a> Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS)</p>

<p>is flvs only for people who live in florida?</p>

<p>Thanks! </p>

<p>Has anyone ever tried Apex & Keystone National High School?</p>


<p>flvs is not only for people in Florida. For out of state students, it will cost 700dollars.</p>

<p>these are all kinda pricey...</p>

<p>Northwestern Univ CTD - they have a LearningLinks program which provides a comprehensive selection of APs and Honors courses.
Gifted</a> LearningLinks - Online Courses for Gifted Students at the Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University</p>

<p>They are pricey, but if you DO get 5s on them, it definitely pays off when you save thousands of $$s in college credit :] It just depends on if you're serious about it and plan on getting a 5.</p>

<p>Thanks! I really appreciate it! </p>

<p>I googled some others, & many seemed just...really brief & sketchy, not rigorous enough. I'm looking for a flexible but rigorous one.</p>

<p>Sorry I sound like I'm venting! I went through some sample lessons from online providers I had googled & they made me want to laugh. Literally. They seemed like they were designed for little kids & didn't teach at all.</p>

<p>Apex is pretty rigorous if that's what you're looking for. Actually, maybe a bit too rigorous. They have an unbelievable amount of study materials because they are a company that used to write AP prep books. It's also very flexible, in my experience, and they have all the courses you are looking for.</p>

<p>Also, the technology and layout of their site is pretty good, better than the cheesy stuff that alot of other sites have.</p>

<p>Apex</a> Learning - 2008-2009 Course Catalog - High School - Advanced Placement</p>

<p>"Courses target highly motivated students who are reading at grade level or above and who have a track record of success in high school coursework. Each semester course offers approximately 120 hours of direct instruction and integrated formative, summative, and diagnostic assessment."</p>

<p>Cost is like $300 or so per class, for teachers with an average of 16 years experience. It's not too bad.</p>

<p>yea i agree with awesome sauce, I'm in an apex course right now (AP Macro), and it isn't the easiest class ever. There's a lot of work involved and quite a bit of studying, since all their chapter tests are modeled after the actual AP Macro Exam. But if you're dedicated you'll be fine.</p>

<p>The cost was like ~$350/semester or something, but that's not that bad compared with other companies. I'd def. recommend it.</p>

<p>Thank you all so much!</p>

<p>I think I'll go w/Apex for AP Economics...</p>

<p>Sorry - some more questions. I really want to get 5s, sometimes I feel unsure about prep books. Will online courses be necessary for AP Psychology, Human Geography...the "easy" APs?</p>

<p>(I've heard so many great things about FLVS?! Are most people here from Florida or something?)</p>

<p>Thanks again!:)</p>