AP Phys B

<p>what topic are you on right now?
Our teacher's great, but class is moving slow (in my opinion)..
We're doing force (just about to go into friction). you think this is too slow
or is it fast enough to cover everything in time?</p>

<p>no your not doing too bad newtonian mechanics makes up a large chunk of the test. hopefully your class wont have u learn all of e and m in 4 days like mine did.</p>

<p>Well in my school they are currently starting Uniform Circular Motion. I took that class last year BTW. I guess you are doing fine. We finished last year with about 2 weeks to review.</p>

<p>We just finished uniform circular motion and are now moving on into work.</p>

<p>We're moving pretty slowly too (but, we spent like 2 weeks on special relativity, which isn't even on the AP...meh). Just finishing up 2-dimensional kinematics, then onto rotational kinematics</p>

<p>We're talking about electrostatics, but that's because our class is run differently. Last year (in what our school calls "Physics I") we covered mechanics and thermodynamics in great detail, and this year we cover all the rest of the topics for the AP test (light, electricity, magnetism, etc.).</p>