AP Physics 1 and 2 + Physics Sat II

Have any of you taken the AP Physics I and II tests or the Physics Sat II? How was it? What was hard/easy? Any recommendations? I am teaching myself + getting tutored for physics so please leave advice on what to pay more attention to, certain topics that show up more, etc.

DS18 took AP Physics 1 and 2 as one class and took the Physics SAT the May after the AP test in April. I had him skim through a SAT Physics review book, he said the only thing that was on the Physics SAT that wasn’t on the AP Physics was some names of specific scientists.

I took AP Physics 1 and self-studied for the physics 2 part of the subject test. If you take 1+2 it should be easy for you I think you can miss like 12 questions and still get an 800 so just learn everything comprehensively.

I took AP Physics 1 & 2 the same year and took the Physics SAT Subject Test in June. I felt it was very easy, however, there are a few things you should know that you do not learn about in ap physics, such as relativity and recent physics theories. I highly suggest getting a review book (I used Barron’s) to learn those and brush over the year of physics concepts. Other than that, I got an 800 on the two practice tests at the end of the book and I think I earned an 800 on the actual thing. The Physics SAT II is nothing compared to the AP exams. I would highly encourage anyone who took AP Physics 1 & 2 to take the SAT Subject Test.

Update: I got a 3 on the AP Physics 1 Exam, a 4 on the AP Physics 2 Exam, and an 800 on the Physics SAT Subject Test.