AP Physics 1 on Khan Academy

Hi, I am about to be a Junior and I was wondering if Khan is a good site to prepare for AP Physics 1? Since that is the only thing I have been using, and I have to admit I haven’t been using it everyday, only when I feel like it :confused: mainly because I’m never motivated, since this whole pandemic happened. So to recap, I just wanted your feedback/comments on if I should use solely Khan to prepare for the class, because I heard that the class was hard, I want to get ahead, so I can focus my energy mainly on the ACT and SAT when school resumes in August. Also do you have any strategies or tips for motivation purposes, I really need it :confused:

First, love your username.

Next if you’re not taking the class until next year, starting now is a bit overkill, I’d say. I’d focus on preparing for the AP tests you are taking this year (if you aren’t taking any, disregard what I just said. Feel free to get a head start if you’ve got nothing else to do).

I never took the class, but I think Khan Academy is great for learning the material, but I’d go elsewhere for practice once you’ve got the main ideas down, like paying attention to your homework questions.

In regards to motivation, remember that it’s important to take a break every now and again. Nobody is 100% efficient, and burning yourself out as a sophomore won’t do you any favors in the future (something I wish I knew last year), no matter where you end up going or what you end up doing. Relax! Play some Mario Kart, have a smoothie, and grab a book before you go to bed. Works wonders for mental health.