AP physics 1 or 2 needed?

I got a 5 on my both my physics C APs, and I’m not sure whether taking the other physics tests are necessary. I heard that the C tests are the hardest so taking more physics tests aren’t needed, but I’m an international student and not really familiar with the APs, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

1 and 2 have a few additional topics, but are not calculus-based. They may give subject credit for non-pre-med biology majors at some universities, though others which require calculus for their physics-for-biology-majors courses may not give subject credit for them. The C exams may give subject credit for physics or engineering majors at some universities, but others may consider them insufficiently rigorous or math-intensive (particularly for E&M), or missing some topics covered in their own physics courses.