AP Physics 1 or APES

I am currently taking AP Physics 1 this year, and I will be applying for Early Decision at Northwestern. I am not sure if I should continue to take AP Physics 1 or drop to AP Environmental Science. My intended major will be international studies, which is the total opposite from Physics. I still have 2 more weeks to think about dropping to AP Environmental Science, but I’m not sure if I should drop because colleges look for rigorous classes you took in the senior year. Please help!

If you are doing well in AP Physics 1 then continue. Your college major has nothing to do with your high school classes. Colleges want to see you have knowledge of basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). Also, you cannot tell whether you will do well in APES or not. If you have already taken biology there there is no need to take APES unless you like it.

If you’ve taken Physics Honors, do whatever you want.
If you haven’t, stick with physics 1.