AP Physics 1 or Honors Physics (NC)

Hey everyone seeing this thread, I just have a quick question what would be more beneficial for my senior year, I don’t know what major to do but I know it is in the STEM Field and I am not sure what Physics class to take at my school in which AP Physics 1 and Honors/Regular Physics is offered and which class would help me the most in college since I never taken a Physics class before but in the spring semester I am taking PreCalculus. I live in NC so if you want to look at the Physics curriculum.

AP Physics 1 is algebra-based. So, no worries on the math front.

What level do your teachers and guidance counselors suggest for you? What level sciences have you taken in the past. Finally, what kinds of colleges are you looking at?

I taken Earth and Environmental Honors, Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors and currently doing AP Chemistry. I am looking as a Plan A College, Central Piedmont Community College and as a Plan B (Scholarship) Colleges, Wake Forest University, North Carolina State University and UNC Charlotte. Even my Earth And Environmental teacher who teaches both Physics classes, I’ve talked to her a while back and told me you can come back if you really wanted.

AP Chemistry is generally considered more difficult than AP Physics 1. It depends on the teacher and the student too, of course. AP Chem is a second year chemistry class, but AP Physics 1 is intended to be a first year physics.
My feeling is that if you can handle AP Chem, you will be able to handle AP Physics 1, but get your guidance counselor’s opinion as it is more likely to be accurate for your particular school.

Still, you might want to ask the teachers of both for a syllabus. AP Physics covers just a few topics. Sometimes honors physics covers more (though in less depth). You might want to compare and contrast to see which interests you more.

If you intend to major in STEM and can handle AP Chem (one of the notoriously difficult AP’s) you can handle AP Physics 1. :slight_smile:

Note: if you’re a very strong student, aim for a 4-year college since the best financial aid goes to freshman. Attending a CC might cost you thousands of dollars. UNC-CH in particular has topnotch FA for instate residents.