Ap physics 1 vs ap bio

I am a junior this year, and I am currently taking:

-spanish 3
-ap computer science (easy class at my school)
-ap lang (humanities)
-ap ush (humanities)
-ap physics 1 (may switch to bio; I got a teacher who is good at explaining and nice as a person, but grades VERY, VERY HARDLY.)
-calculus C/D (college course; this doesn’t go onto my hs transcript so I am not so worried about my grade in this class)

I was wondering if which of these two subjects is relatively easier than the other, given my schedule.

if i decide that i switch to ap bio, the teacher also has some pretty good reputation, but according to some people there is so much amount of memorize that it just won’t work when you already take many other ap classes.

I have not decided on my major; I am flexible between premed and computer science, which is why I am having especially more dilemma :frowning:

Please share your thoughts. Thank you!

I think it depends largely on the teachers you get. For me, AP Bio was harder because my teacher taught like a college professor and mostly left the students to read the textbooks for themselves. I had a good Physics 1 teacher and I had taken a physics course sophomore year, so I was more prepared for Physics 1.

However, I will say that the AP bio exam was, in my opinion much easier than Physics 1 (perhaps because I’m just better at memorization than at physics math stuff). Got 5’s on both, but that was probably because the physics curve was pretty good this year.