AP Physics 1

Hi, I was wondering if AP Physics 1 is reasonable to take? Since, this will be the first time ever I take an AP class, as my sophomore year comes to an end. I will also be taking 4 Honor courses, a few Extracurriculars, and maybe a Job depending whether or not this whole pandemic gets better.

It really depends on the teacher. However, based on my experience, it’s pretty easy to handle. We had no more than 45 mins of homework every night. I struggled a bit in the class, but there are a lot of great resources to help you. Using Khan Academy got me through the class.

I took this with three other APs and a lot of extracurriculars, and I was able to decently manage my time.

As long as your in the minimum math level needed for the class it should be fine. Unlike many AP classes, AP Physics 1 is designed by the college board to be an entry level AP class so no prior physics experience is needed.