AP Physics B help?

<p>Long story short: I took physics honors during the summer when the people that took physics honors in school got a summer assignment for AP physics. I didn't get the summer assignment. The summer assignment was 4 chapters in our textbook.</p>

<p>The problem: Everyone in my class studied 4 chapters in our AP textbook so our teacher is skipping the first 4 chapters.</p>

<p>Bigger Problem: I didn't learn the material in the 4 chapters in physics honors. So I don't understand a lot of things we are doing.</p>

<p>Possible Solution: Read those 4 chapters by myself. But I have other AP classes and after school activities. I can't just learn 4 chapters in a few weeks before our first exam.</p>

<p>I tried watching the MIT OCW but they just make everything more difficult (in my opinion). I have PR and Barrons book which really help because the textbook our teacher gave us is ridiculously set up with crazy notations and wordy explanations. But using only the prep books will not guarantee me an acceptable grade in that class.</p>

<p>What should I do??? Options??? Have you had similar situations??</p>

<p>The first 4 chapters are usually basic things like scientific notation, description of required mathematics, and definition of basic physics principles, and 1-dimensional kinematics without friction. They really don’t take a very long time at all, even if you do have other stuff to do. I would just read them. Ask your teacher if you still need help.</p>