AP Physics B or C and Physics SAT

<p>I know that Physics B covers more topics than C and C is more math-based, so by taking B would you have a much easier time getting a higher score on the physics SAT than you would taking C or does it really not matter much?</p>

<p>Also do colleges like that you took Physics C rather than B or do they treat them similarly?</p>

<p>Does not matter at all for SAT, IMHO. As for the college credit: Physics B corresponds to an algebra-based introductory class for non-majors. Physics C resembles more calculus-based course for majors (physics, engineering, math people, etc). Most physics faculty are not easy about the college credit for the majors, so in all probability you'll need to take it again (given that you are a major), for a biology magor, for example, it is easy to get credit for Physics B.</p>

<p>sry to hijak your thread but: i'm planning on taking physics honors in junior yr and ap physics c in senior yr... if i take ap physics b in junior yr (it's allowed through EPGY) will there be repeat of information with my classes in school?</p>

<p>Physics B prepares you much better than C does for the Phyics SATII. There are some topics on the test not covered in C (e.g. light). And to the person asking about B and C, yes you will recover a bit of material, but you will learn it in a whole new way. B will give you a great foundation for C concepts, but the calculus will be completely new. I don't think the overlap is too great to take both courses.</p>

<p>if you want to do really well on the SAT 2, physics B is def the way to go imho. physics c will cover a lot of calculus stuff that you dont need to know for the test, and it will probably be alot more challenging. however, if you plan to major in something in college that requires physics c, such as engineering, colleges will like it more if you take C.</p>

<p>there will be a lot of repeat 09xoxo, and some things from b will be completely omitted, but after the repeat, you'll get into MUCH MUCH more detail then you did (in certain topics only).</p>