AP Physics B

<p>This class is killing me. I have a 67 in the class. It'll most likely raise to a C, possibly a B. But if I get a C for the first quarter, I'd have to get an A the second quarter, and an A on the semester exam. </p>

<p>This class is frustrating, the teacher hates me, and I can't find a good tutor. I don't know what to do.</p>

<p>Get out of it if you still can. Seriously. If your struggling with the class you will most likely do poorly on the AP exam. I find AP Chem frustrating lol, anyway try to look for tutors on craiglist or go to your teacher for tutoring. Even if the teacher hates you, it's their job to help so do it and ask them for help after all it's YOUR future. Don't let his grade ruin it...switch it to Honors you can still get into an Ivy like that. As you said its killing you the stress from this class will make you do more poor on others. Goodluck hope this helps.</p>