AP Physics B?

<p>Im taking IB Physics HL but I can only finish one of the two year course. However we did cover most of the topics. Do u think a little self study with a book will be sufficient for the AP Physics B? My mother majored in Physics too so she can help me out a lot. I here that this test just requires a lot of practice but Im still a little unsure. Thanks!</p>

<p>What won't you be covering?</p>

<p>Im learning some of everything. Just not very indepth.</p>

<p>That's basically what the Physics B curriculum is -- a little bit of everything, with more emphasis on mechanics.</p>

<p>Yeah. If it's a decent class, just get the pr book and/or the 5 steps to a 5 book for ap physics b and learn from that. you should be good after a lot of practice.</p>