AP Physics C 2004 Released Exam

<p>Just thought i'd give it a try... does anyone have this test or know where I can get it? FRQ's, MC's, questions, answers... ANYTHING would be helpful.</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch</p>

<p>Oh man... <em>shudder</em> I did NOT like that test!
<<< Is now a physics major anyway, go figure.
If I recall correctly, the long answer parts for the AP tests are released every year and should be available on collegeboard.com (poke around as they administer the test). The multiple choice sections are only released every five years, and I don't know if 2004 was the fifth year or not.</p>

<p>The FRQ's will be online, along with scoring guidelines and answers, on collegeboard.com and the APCentral site. As for MC sections, I don't know of any avaliable online (because of copyright issues), so the best source is probably you teacher.</p>

<p>There are just a few MC questions contained in the course description on the College Board's website.</p>

<p>college board has great free response... altho i dont know where the answers are... haha just "hope" u got them right</p>