AP Physics C Self Stufy

<p>Hi, I am a sophomore and I am self-studying AP Physics C: Mechanics. I am confident that I can get a 4 or 5.</p>

<p>However, due to several reasons, I will take the AP Physics C: Mechanics (my school does not offer E&M) course next year, and at the same time self study for E&M.</p>

<p>Without hesitation, I want to take the AP Mehanics test this May, just to get it over with. However, I have read conflicting views about taking a test without the course (if your school still offers it) or vice-versa. Albeit, my situation does not fit the above two cases, but it still looks very odd. Will taking the test this year look bad to colleges (especially the top ones)?</p>

<p>Sorry about the mistake in the title; I hit the wrong key.</p>


<p>Episteme, taking the test this year will not negatively affect your “chances” at admission to the top colleges. Say you make a 2, that is a different story! If you are confident that you are capable of scoring a 4 or 5, go for it. Realize that since your school offers the course, not taking it could leave you out of the running for Valedictorian, etc. Talk it over with your AP Coordinator (typically a guidance counselor). Good Luck!</p>