AP Physics C through UC Scout

Any updated experiences with AP Physics C through UC Scout? I’m curious about workload, time commitment, teacher availability/assistance, and general feedback. Feedback from anyone who also took AP Chem or AP Physics 1 who could contrast with these, in particular, would be helpful.

A strong student of mine is considering this course. They got a 5 on both AP Physics and AP Calc AB (as well as a 5 on AP Chem in 10th grade) and enjoy physics, but I want to give them an idea of what to expect. Thank you!

Our student is taking a UC Scout course this summer - not the ones you mention, and not an AP, but I will say that it has been going well, the teacher is available to help, though not immediately (1 day lag time) but the time commitment, even for a non AP course, is definitely high. As it is self-paced they will cover as much material as they are able considering whatever else they have going on, the syllabus is extensive, and the exams are proctored via video. In general, I’m happy with the thoroughness and find it well worth the cost. Hope that is helpful.