AP Physics E+M

Hi there!

So I am a junior in high school and this year I am taking AP Physics C: Mechanics, and I’ve really liked the class - the teacher is good, the subject is very fun, and I’ve done very well in it. Because of this, recently I have been thinking about taking the follow-up class, AP Physics E+M. However, my school actually does not offer this class. I would try to petition to start the class, however, I don’t think there is near enough interest or even people eligible to take the class, if Mechanics is a prerequisite (which I think although it actually isn’t it is usually taken as one). Due to this, I have begun considering self-studying the class. However, I’m not sure how much it is really worth it. Is the class really that hard to self study? Is it worth it to take it by myself? For reference, I am also taking AP Calc AB this year and will be taking BC next year, and plan to major in physics, engineering, or a related field in college.


It will definitely be worth it! Stick with it. Keep up the good work

I loved E + M as a student! You should definitely self-study if you really want to take the class.

Freshman electrical engineering major is so glad she took E/M. The AP credit (5) is giving her the option to skips physics II and she is so thankful for that.