AP physics for a non-science lover?

<p>okay so this is more for my friend than me (i love science :DD)</p>

<p>to make a long story short, she wants to get into UCLA more than anything and do something business-y/english-y with her life. ..and tomorrow, registration forms for next year's classes are due!</p>

<p>she was wondering whether or not she needed to take physics or not 'cause it "looks good and hard," (ap physics is notorious for being the killer class at my school... the faint at heart never consider it). i told her that because she doesn't like science and doesn't want to do anything with it in her life, she doesn't need to take it. instead, i suggested (btw, we will be seniors next year):</p>

<p>ap spanish
ap world history
ap english
ap statistics
ap calculus bc

<p>...i think that schedule is rigorous, challenging, etcetccc and it targets her points of interest. </p>

<p>ON THE FLIP SIDE, many people have been telling her that taking physics is like "an unspoken requirement" to get into ucla or any other supersuper college....... although i really disagree and think that it is ridiculous that people are telling her that, i figured i'd come here and get some more advice. is this true?</p>

<p>thanks for the help! registration is due tomorrow..</p>

<p>Good schedule. She does not need to take Physics, she might get C/D/F and that could be worse. Especially the D/F.</p>

<p>My daughter's guidance counselor has been right about everything so far and he STRONGLY encouraged my D to take physics as a senior when she was considering a different science related class - he said that it would just be "better" for selective colleges. </p>

<p>Isn't there an easier physics class than AP physics?</p>

<p>Swap some sort of Physics, AP or otherwise, for Stats. Stats at the high school level is virtually useless (no matter what field you go into, you'll have to take a more specific stats course anyways) and Physics really teaches you how to logic and think differently than any other math/science course. Beyond simply what colleges will think, it's a better personal move as well, regardless of whether your friend wants to go into science or not.</p>

Isn't there an easier physics class than AP physics


<p>there is college prep physics, but that class is seriously just busy work :/</p>

Swap some sort of Physics, AP or otherwise, for Stats. Stats at the high school level is virtually useless


<p>she could swap it.... but then she would have to make her course load a LOT less because physics would seriously take up so much of her time. she was thinking she would drop ap spanish for it and take a fluff class?</p>

<p>any more ideas/comments?</p>

<p>thanks a lot you guys! :)</p>

<p>i've actually been wondering this too. I've heard that for UCs especially, they want 1 year each of physics, bio and chem. Since your friend has such a heavy workload, maybe she can just take regular physics?? </p>

<p>i think that's what i'm going to be doing, and i'm taking 4 APs next year.</p>

<p>Don't take AP Physics.
I'm taking AP Physics as a senior and I regret it alot. Especially since we are now in the Electricity and Magnetism chapters...which I cannot do at all</p>

maybe she can just take regular physics??


<p>regular physics at my school consists of project after project, and not much else. the class is not worth the work. AP on the other hand is completely opposite - INTENSE, individual work (the freaking curve is 80% for an A... and the average is a high 50% to 60%) </p>


<p>She does NOT need to take physics to get into UCLA. It is not an unspoken requirement. That's just silly. What she needs is very high grades and a rigorous courseload. The schedule your describe is MORE than rigorous enough for UCLA. By far the best thing she can do to help herself get into UCLA is to earn high grades.</p>

<p>High grades in the courses you recommended is perfect. You DON'T need AP Physics to go to UCLA. I know a bunch of kids there right now who never took it. Has she taken three lab sciences?</p>

<p>Ugh, same here Leticia. We're currently on Magnetism for AP Physics and it's...really really hard. No one currently has an A in my class ):</p>

<p>In the a-g requirements for UCs it is recommended, according to my counselor. I dunno though. I would absolutely love it if i didn't have to take physics at all. The AP at my school is crazy, and the regular isn't that much better either. Maybe i'll take AP Chem ???</p>

<p>ugh, now i worried, i was considering taking AP physics at some point.</p>

<p>Howver, I took physics freshman year and the honors class was easier than the college prep class. :P</p>