AP Physics or AP Bio+Physics Honors

<p>Currently I'm signed up to take AP Biology as well as Physics Honors. Both are classes that get positive feedback from all the seniors that take them. Only about 4 or 5 kids each year, however (out of a class of like 700) do this combination. Since Physics isnt taken till senior year, some also want to take an AP with it (bio or chem, since we will have done 1 year prior)</p>

<p>But then there is AP Physics. There is the AP science track, after freshman year physical science, the top students go into AP Bio sophomore year, then AP Chem, then AP Physics. Only like 3 or 4 kids are able to go from Honors chem (junior year) into AP Physics (senior year). My teacher said I would be able to. However, I'm scared to not have any background in physics. And yes, there will be the kids coming from AP Chem going into AP Physics with no physics background, but they are used to the AP track. It would be a challenge, especially since all the seniors hate the teacher (doesn't teache, they are pretty sure they bombed the ap exam)</p>

<p>What course(s) should I take?! I'm kinda scared of having 2 lab sciences senior year, but I'm also scared to have my first ap science be one im unfamiliar with (even though physics seems interesting)</p>

<p>ALSO... I might want to do engineering... But I'm not so sure. Will colleges not like that instead of doing ap physics that I'm doing ap bio and physics honors?</p>