AP Physics or AP Bio?

<p>I am a sophomore in High school and picking out my classes for junior and senior year. I know I either want to major in Medicine or Mathematics. My five AP's that I want to take are AP English, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Physics. AP English is junior year and I am definitely taking that. AP Calculus is senior year and I am definitely taking that as well. I am for sure taking AP Chemistry but I am not sure if I should take it senior or junior year, depending on if I take Ap bio or ap physics. Which one would be more valuable? I have taken two years of biology already with the same teacher, and am taking a college physics class this summer. AP Bio or AP Physics?</p>

<p>physics for sure</p>

<p>They're entirely different. A bright kid should be able to handle either, but I'd play to your strengths--which is more compelling to you? Which subject do you grasp better?</p>

<p>Personally I would choose AP Bio cause it just seems more useful in my mind than AP Physics. Of course take AP Physics too if you have the time! But if I had to choose, for a focus on a medical career I would go for bio and if I was going for a mathematics career I'd go for physics so I guess whichever career you're more interested in, or if not that then whichever one you can get a better grade in.</p>

<p>Physics B or C?</p>

<p>My son took all of these (in addition to many others)...... I'm assuming you are taking three one year and two one year. That being said, I would take three Junior year (AP English, AP Biology and AP Physics). Two senior year (AP Calc and AP Chemistry). Reasoning is as follows - you will probably handle AP Bio very easily since you have had so much biology already. Calc. and Chemistry go well together and if you are going to have a lighter load, senior year is the time to do it.</p>