AP Physics

<p>I know that passing AP Physics earns some SI general ed requirements. But there is no class equivalent. So, if you need to take Physics 5 or 6 for your major, or to satisfy a prerequisite for other classes you are simply interested in, do you retain the units earned by passing the AP Physics test? Or do you lose them because the material is duplicated in the class? </p>

<p>Also, I notice that each AP pass is generally worth 4 units. But the GE requirements are specified in multiples of 5 units. Does that mean that you would still have to take additional units to make up the difference?</p>

<p>If it says that AP Physics "Satisfies an IN", which I'm sure it does, then it doesn't matter how many units the class is.</p>

<p>Pre fall 2010, one IN
as of fall 2010, one SI</p>

<p>Would taking say, Physics 6A cause a lose of the units for AP Physics?</p>