AP Psych or Writing Center?


I’m currently a sophomore attending both a regular public school and a STEM magnet. In my regular high school, there is something called a Writing Center, where selected students edit the essays of other students and basically tutor them. It is an unweighted class. I have been nominated to become a Writing Center tutor, but I’m wondering whether I should do that or AP psych…

I love psychology. I also love writing. Ultimately my college major will be in the sciences. I am hoping to attend a very selective school - I have a high GPA and strong extracurriculars, as well as a strong relationship with some teachers. From an admissions officer’s perspective, do you think doing Writing Center would be more or less impressive than AP psych (suppose I were to get a 5 on the AP exam)? What about compared to AP chem? Is it possible that choosing Writing Center over an AP class (and therefore effectively losing a 1.0 GPA bump for that class) could be the only thing that gets me rejected from an Ivy? Finally, what would you do and why?

Hi marc,

I don’t know much about colleges, but from what I’ve heard, colleges don’t care too much about GPA above a certain point (around 4.3 weighted, but don’t take my word for it), and would much rather see you doing something you enjoy and that you are good at above that GPA threshold. I think the choice is really up to you, and what you would most enjoy doing. Best of luck to you!

One AP class will normally not be the difference between you getting in XXX school or not, as far as I can tell. With that in mind, I’d say go for AP Psychology, you’ll learn some interesting things and it normally makes for a fun class (although I hold a pretty biased view heh)