AP Psychology or Spanish III?

<p>I am planning my senior schedule, and I have to choose between AP Psyc and Spanish III. My school offers neither, so I will have to take one online. I want to take AP Psyc, but I know selective colleges want 3+ years of a foreign language (even though my school offers only 2 years). My school is small and poor - we have 1 AP class and I took another one online this past year. I really don't like Spanish because I've had it online at my school for 2 years...
So which is the better choice?
Thanks in advance! =)</p>

<p>I was in AP Psych this past year and loved it!! It’s a fun and interesting course, and if you don’t like Spanish why not take Psych! Plus you can get some AP credits! Make sure you check the language requirement for colleges you want to apply to first though. Some schools might want 3 years in which case you should take spanish.</p>

<p>Thanks! Any other opinions?</p>