AP Psychology

So I’m currently a sophomore soon to be junior and I took General Psychology at my local community college in summer right before my sophomore year started. I know it’s too late for this year but next year should I take the AP Psychology exam? Would it be of any benefit?
I was thinking it would add to the number of AP exams I take as i’m only taking a few overall relative to my peers( 1 in sophomore year, 2 junior year, 4 senior year).

You are conflating two different things AP exams and AP classes. Colleges look at AP classes because, for many high schools, these are the most challenging classes available (mostly). AP tests are a different story, and these are only good for either avoiding some gen-ed courses, or allowing you to jump to the next course in a sequence. So taking taking General Psychology at your community college will provide both of these benefits.

Colleges do not know whether you took AP tests, nor what score you got on those tests, until you are accepted and you wish to use those APs for credit and/or prerequisites. Also, taking AP classes just to rack up more AP classes does not provide any benefit in admissions.

I don’t think that AP Psych will be helpful since you already took a college-level intro Psych course. Speak to your GC about which AP courses they recommend, based on your interests, strengths, and skill set, not based on maximizing the number of AP classes you took