AP Rescore Questions


I got a 3 on my AP psychology exam. I am confused by this because I got an A in both semesters of the class, and always did well on my tests. The week before we took the exam, my teacher gave us our final exam, which was an old version of the actual AP exam. He said that whatever we got on the final should be representative of what we get on the exam. On my final, I got an A, which means that I should have performed better on the exam. I’m also taking 2 college level psych classes at my local CC, and have As in both of them.

I felt focused during the test; there wasn’t any questions that I had absolutely no clue what the answer was. The only thing I can think of that would bring my score down was the FRQs-- I didn’t run out of time on any of them, but we only did 2 practice ones throughout the whole year so maybe I just wasn’t prepared enough for that section.

I feel like this 3 isn’t representative of what I know, and I’m thinking about getting it rescored. How does rescoring work? This was my first time taking AP tests so I’m not quite sure how everything works yet. Can a Rescore be lower than what my original score was? If that happens, do I HAVE to report the scores? Or can I just not report any of them and forget about it? I don’t want to waste money and end up getting a lower score than the original one. I’m just really confused because I studied hard for this, and didn’t really study at all for my other AP test and ended up getting a 4 on that one. any advice or successful Rescore stories are appreciated!


Regardless if you rescore or not, reporting AP scores is always optional.

It is highly unlikely that your score will change. If you want to spend the money and make the CB richer, go for it. Otherwise, accept it and move on. You can also look through the following thread: