AP review books help for 2015-2016 school year

Hi, I’m going into my senior year next year and I’ll be taking 3 AP classes in school:
AP Biology
AP English Literature/Composition
AP US Government and Law OR AP Physics

and self studying for 4 more:
AP Calc A/B
AP Stats
AP English Language/Composition
AP Physics

I plan on going to MSOE (Milwaukee School Of Engineering) for college and majoring in BME.

I was planning on dropping out AP Gov and switching it to AP Physics. And maybe self-studying for AP Calc B/C also instead of just A/B.

I know it may seem too much, that’s why I want to know what you guys recommend for review books so I can’t start this summer and just continue reviewing until exam day.

I am confident that I can do it but my only problem is what review books to get. So please, help me out! Thanks!:slight_smile:

Barron’s for gov

For AP Biology I recommend Crash course books and videos online, also there are helpful videos on getafive.com. For English Literature and Language get Princeton Review.

Cliffs notes for bio is good too
Ap government get barrons

Ok so I self-studied 4 ap classes last year and got a five on all the tests because the materials that were recommended to me were stellar. What I did was I ordered 2 review books and one set of flashcards per ap subject off of amazon. Barron is by far the best ap book and I am pretty sure that they make books for all the courses you plan to take. Make sure that when you do you order the book that comes with a CD, it is slightly more expensive, but the material on their is well worth it (to order these books off of amazon just type in the ap course, barron, and cd-rom.) Barron also makes flashcards for all the ap courses you have above. I recommend you order sets of flashcards for not only the ap’s you are self-studying but also the ones you are taking through school because these flashcards aren’t just regular vocabulary definition flashcards, they are flashcards with a topic on the front and a lot of need to know information on the back. The second book per ap course I ordered was by the princeton review, the second best ap publisher. You may think why do I need to review books for the same subject but they do contain some different information and different review questions and tests. These two publishers don’t make ap books for all ap courses (but they do for most) and though Im pretty sure they make books for all of your ap courses, if one does not, just go with the next highest rated book on amazon or some other trustworthy website. Make sure that when you order them you get the one with the newest publishing date. Good luck!

Thank you guys so much!

Which AP Physics are you taking/self-studying?

I used Barron’s for AP Stat and it was pretty good. You won’t need a review book for lang, but if you want to practice multiple choice, Barron’s is decent (although a LOT harder than the actual exam).

AP Physics C: Mechanics… I think…?

Crash Course for AP government

For biology, cliffs notes is the best by far, but Barrons is still pretty good (even thought it has a lot of extra info)

Pearson Prep Series is really good for AP BIO (make sure you have the newest one), they have lots of practice questions, and they outline all the necessary content that you need. If you’re self-studying for calc I would highly recommend PR.