AP Russian?

<p>So I remember hearing a few years back that AP Russian was in development, but I'm not really sure what happened to it. It's not on the official list of AP Tests, but if you search it on google there is some information (although very inconclusive) So does anyone know any info about it? Did it just flop or are they still planning on having it?</p>

<p>According to Wikipedia, the course should have been out during the 2007-2008 school year but I guess it will take longer to create. Here's the website. AP</a> Russian Language and Culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>The russian ap test is already out, however at this point i believe that it is only available to students of an AP russian class at an AP registered school.</p>

<p>There is an AP Russian test, but it's not from CollegeBoard, it's from another organization in Washington D.C. I took last year. The format of the test is different and, I personally think harder, than the CB foreign language exams, because the exam tests not only your comprehension, but also your ability to think logically in that foreign language: there are MANY trick questions designed to catch you. Plus, there is an oral proficiency section, during which you get a phone call from a representative of the exam and you must keep up a conversation with him or her for 15-20 minutes. Natives must speak for about 25-30 minutes.</p>

<p>Hey, could you tell me where exactly you took that test, and how you went about registering and taking that.</p>

<p>Did anybody take the Prototype Russian AP exam with American Councils in 2009? When does AP score become available? Does it take longer to release the score than from College Board? Thanks!</p>

<p>There's such a thing? Thats pretty cool!</p>

<p>Curious to hear more about the AP Russian test, too. Also prepping tips.
Here's one high school's approach ...
Staten</a> Island Technical High School</p>

<p>Yes I go to Staten Island Tech and the process is exactly as rina described. You have to not only be able to regurgitate date from the passages but be able to think critically and comprehensively in the language to solve the problems.</p>

<p>Thanks, BlizzaP, for your clear explanation. And thanks to Rina, too!</p>

<p>I think AP Russian exam is not hard if you can read and understand well. There are not much grammar in it, it's all about comprehention. You can register for this in NJ through Schoolplus even if you have no Russian language in your regular school or if you are from different state. Also, Schoolplus provides you with quick courses for that. The deadline for regostration, i guess, somewhere in the middle of March. So it is more safe to register by the end of February. The exam takes place in Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ, May 22 2012.</p>