AP, SAT 2 Score Submission

<p>Hi, I recently recieved my SAT2 scores and AP scores, and I'm wondering which ones should I maybe not send to JHU, assuming that not submitting it will help my chances in early decision. That 720 on chem irritates me. <em>.</em></p>

Biology- 760</p>


World history- 5
English (composition) - 4</p>

<p>None of these scores would hurt you in any way. The 5s and 750+s should help you.</p>

<p>i agree - send 'em all! congrats</p>

<p>I agree - send them all. A 4 on the AP Chem test exemps you from Chem I + Lab and Chem II + Lab, so congrats!</p>

<p>kk thanks guys. I shall send ALL OF THEM.</p>

<p>AP scores mean nothing in admissions in any of the top tier schools. No one submits AP scores prior to acceptance; they are self-reported. Your SAT II scores are fine.</p>