AP Science classes

<p>Can someone give me a brief description of every AP Science class-- Bio, Chem, Physics? Talk about homework and workload, labs, tests, AP tests, etc. </p>

<p>Since I'm pretty sure I want to major in something science-related in college, my goal is to take AP Bio, Chem, and Physics in high school. I'm planning to take AP bio, chem, and physics Junior and Senior year, which means I'll have to double up in two of the AP science classes either Junior or Senior year. I'm not really sure what two science classes are the best to double up in though.</p>

<p>This is my plan for Junior year:
AP Bio
AP Chem
AP Lang
AP US History
AP Calc BC
Journalism (I'm on the newspaper staff at my school)
PE (it's required all 4 years!)</p>

<p>Which means Senior year would look something like this:
AP Physics B or C (I don't know which one yet!)
Multivariable Calculus OR AP Stats
AP Micro/Macro
AP Computer Science
AP Lit or English Lit

<p>Should I double up junior or senior year to have the least stressful schedule? And which two shoudl I double up in? I'm currently a sophomore taking Honors biology and physics and they're both relatively easy to me. Took honors chemistry as a freshman and that was not too bad neither. Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>lol @ PE being required for 4 years.</p>

<p>I'd double up on Bio/Chem junior year. Chem and physics do relate, but imo you would better understand/see the connections between chem and bio instead.</p>

<p>I'd take Physics C in senior year. I haven't taken physics beyond honors physics as a freshman (lol), but I heard it's a lot of the same **** with different levels of math. Since you're taking BC junior year, C would be the better fit. </p>

<p>Bio is more or less memorizing, with a little bit of analyzing. I think there are 10-12 labs you can be tested on. The actual amount of labs you'll actually do in class is up to your teacher's discretion. </p>

<p>Chem is a middle-road, with a fair amount of analyzing/maths, but also a fair amount of memorizing. I think we spend the 1st semester just learning how to correctly measure and calculate. Gonna ballpark the number of labs and say 15-20.</p>

<p>For both bio and chem, you should be writing lab reports for each lab; I got quizzed on mine. Regarding the AP tests, bio is very much you know it or you don't, and you get less than a minute per question. 4 FRQ's, one will usually be lab related. Haven't taken the Chem test.</p>

<p>^agreed with most of what was said. Take AP Chem/Bio together; AP Phys C is best taken after Calc, and taking it with Chem would be very difficult. AP Phys C Also, there is a lab FRQ on the AP Chem exam as well.</p>